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What is the best way to test for mold? We compare 5 methods.
November 6, 2020

Mold testing is more accessible than ever.

Today we are fortunate to not have to rely on an expensive professional mold test to see if our home or office is contaminated with mold. Visit your local home improvement store or perform an online search, and mold testing methods are numerous. Prices vary from, “Oh, is that all?” to “This is how much?” With such variation in cost and method, it is most helpful to understand testing expenses, and how and what they are testing. Armed with this information, you can find the test that will give you the cost effective results.

Make an informed choice.

To help bring you clarity when making a choice for your mold test method (and to help you understand why ImmunoLytics offers the testing methods that we do) we have compared the 5 most popular mold testing methods in a detailed report.