Understanding the ImmunoLytics Lab Report is now even easier.
Team ImmunoLytics
December 14, 2021
Interpreting Mold Lab Reports

The ImmunoLytics Lab Report —included with Lab Analysis—now has its own section on our site, making it easier to understand the wealth of data.

Find the new guide on our site at Testing Guide > Reading Lab Reports.

When you order ImmunoLytics Laboratory Analysis for the mold samples you have taken, the Laboratory Report is an important part of diagnosing how exposure may be affecting your health. In our efforts to help you understand this report better, we have created a section on our website dedicated to understanding and interpreting the mold lab reports. While it may seem daunting we will walk you through the report in both video and written form.

6 Minute Video: get a handle on your mold lab reports.

A short digestible video on the Interpreting Mold Lab Reports page, walks you through all the pages in your report, helping you get a grasp on the most valuable information. The video guides you during your report, understanding things like total counts, and how to read the health scale. The video includes YouTube chapters so you can quickly jump to each section.

The 6-minute video guide explains how to interpret your lab report results.

Written Guide: understand your results in detail.

For even more detail and a companion to our video guide, we have created a detailed page-by-page guide also on the the Reading Lab Reports page. Besides understanding critical components such as the health scale, we point out what indicators could most affect your family’s health. The written guide is divided into bite-sized chunks and is a great resource to review after watching our video guide.

The written guide matches the video and gives additional details and tips.

New: Interpreting swab samples.

Swab samples, or “bulk” samples, are used to test any suspected visual mold as it directly collects spores for testings. The ImmunoLytics Lab Report includes swap samples and we cover how to understand the results (which can be tricky) in both our video and page-by-page written guide.

Understanding the Lab report on swab samples is now in the video and written guide.

The best feature of a mold report? Help from Environmental Experts.

While the ImmunoLytics Lab Report provides a wealth of information, understanding the meaning behind the results and what to do next is the true benefit of ImmunoLytics Mold Analysis. Included with Lab Analysis is a consultation with an ImmunoLytics Environmental Expert. These experts can help identify connections in your samples and guide you on what to do now based on the specific mold that was found. We encourage you to take advantage of the information an Environmental Expert can bring. See our new Reading Lab Reports page on our site to learn how to schedule a consultation. Try these recommended natural mold remedies: Remedy by Citrisafe.