Test Your Rooms, Cars, Pets and Surfaces for Mold.

Test as soon as possible, but do not open mold plates until you are ready to use them.



Pets & Surfaces

Visible Mold


When testing a room, select an area to place a mold plate that is at least 2 feet from the wall.

Remove the mold plate lid and place bottom (contains yellow agar) on a flat surface to test for one hour. 

Review this preparation checklist before sampling.

Keep windows closed for at least six hours prior to testing.

Don’t turn on air conditioning unless that is part of your normal activity. However, do turn on the central fan of the heating and air conditioning system.

Don’t sweep or vacuum just before the test.

Rooms can be used as normal during sampling including children and pets. Please ensure pets don’t touch or lick plates.

Visible Mold

Swab any potential visible mold.

Swab the area to be sampled until the end of the swab is discolored. Cover as much of the swab as possible with the potential mold.


When testing a vehicle, keep windows and doors closed during the entire process, other than entering and exiting the vehicle.

Remove the mold plate lid  and place a plate on a paper towel on the front passenger’s seat or center console.

Turn on your engine and let the air-conditioner or heater blow for 30 minutes on re-circulate (Max). Turn off the car and let the plate sit for another 30 minutes.


Tap test when testing a particular piece of furniture, rug, car seat, carpeting, pillow, sofa, pet, or any textile.

Wash & dry your hands thoroughly prior to testing.

Hold the plate so the yellow agar is facing towards the object or pet. Tap the object 4 times (The yellow agar should not touch the object). This will force the mold spores into the air and onto the plate.