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5 DIY Plate Tests

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What You Can Test

5 DIY Plate Tests

DIY test common living areas, bedrooms, vehicles, upholstery, carpet.

1 DIY Swab Test

DIY test visible mold, HVAC dust or discoloration, high condensation areas with discoloration or staining.

Lab Analysis

Return shipping to our lab, analysis & health report.


Advice & Guidance from an Indoor Environmental Professional.

Build Your DIY Kit

Starting at $36

Create a mold test kit customized for your needs. All laboratory testing includes a free consultation with an environmental expert.

Customers Love Us

“Definitely would recommend using ImmunoLytics!”

I forgot to send my form with all my information on it. I called and immediately reached support (no wait!). I spoke to Nancy Kesatie today and she...

“More accurate than most companies that claim to be experts in air testing.”

They supply air testing for mold dishes to collect air samples. Plates are returned for analysis at their own lab. I have used their services twice...

“I will use Immunolytics for all of my mold testing.”

I was excited to hear about Immunolytics from a local mold remediation specialist and my personal experiences with them have cemented my...

“Helped us get the crawlspace under control.”

I have tested my house several times with the mold plates. Helped us get the crawlspace under control. This lab has been very helpful. They will...

“This is the best lab for mold testing!”

This is the best lab for mold testing! They've helped me solve mold dilemmas so many times and I recommend them to my clients. M. Allana M

Need extra testing supplies or analysis? 

If you’ve never ordered with us before, start with the Mold Check-Up. Finding mold is a process. If you’re a returning customer or didn’t get everything you needed, browse our options below.

Lab Analysis

Buy lab analysis for samples that didn’t include analysis at the time of ordering. 

$36 per sample

Air/Tap Plates

Gravity plates for visual inspection or sending to the ImmunoLytics Lab.

$3 each

Swab Analysis

For visible surface sampling. Each swap includes lab analysis.

$36 each