Overcoming the Confusion (and Nastiness) of Testing for Mold
Team ImmunoLytics
February 2, 2021
Simple DIY Mold Testing

When you first hear about the possibility of mold in your home or office  — it is daunting, stressful, and frankly, plain gross. It’s all the more difficult if you or your family is sick and you are looking for the cause. Read more about one of its physiological effects here: How Mold & Mycotoxins Poison Your Brain. Your first course of action is Mold Testing—to find the severity and extent of mold, and how it is affecting your families health. We want to find a simple DIY mold testing, right? But where do you start?

To help bring clarity to the mold testing process, ImmunoLytics Lab has created a simple DIY mold testing guide that covers all the basics. We call it  Mold Testing 101 and it answers the most common questions we’ve gathered:


  • Where and what to test?

  • Why should I test for mold?

  • How does testing work?

  • How do I read results?

  • What about follow up testing?

In just a few minutes, after reading our simple DIY mold testing guide, you’ll be up to speed with all the fundamentals and will be equipped to tackle your first steps in combating the nasty problem of mold.