Case Study: A Letter from A Reader with a Severe Mold Situation
JW Biava
January 10, 2020
Severe Mold Sickness story

Questions about mold remediation and mold treatment.

Moldy Carpet Releasing Spores into the Air

Every Situation is Unique, but the Outcome Remains the Same

Questions about mold remediation and mold treatment.

By Cesar Collado

When I receive emails or just severe mold sickness story from ImmunoLytics’ customers and ask for some clarifications to reconcile my articles with their illness situation, I always respond.  While I am not a physician or remediation professional, I have spent many years conversing with patients, physicians, building biologists, HVAC experts, and environmental illness healthcare professionals to complement my DIY knowledge, experiences, and opinions.  I am lucky to get the opportunity to qualify my research and validate questions from the best of professionals in the mold space.

These Q&A opportunities are often the optimal communication methods on real life examples of people struggling with mold sickness.  This experience is very important because I have learned from many people who have paid dearly and have been through several rounds of doctors and remediation attempts without results.

I recently received a severe mold sickness story from a customer that reads:

“I am a customer of ImmunoLytics and I recently read your Dec. 19th article on Five Major Obstacles.  At the bottom of the article you mention if you have a question to email you.  Below is a very brief summary of my issues and question:

Mold was found in our basement cedar closet. We had the cedar closet remediated and this past week had the basement carpeting removed. However, when my husband removed the basement 15-year-old carpeting (no dehumidifier), it was not bagged, and he carried it through the kitchen into the garage.  I noticed a spike in symptoms brain-fog, memory, congestion, nerve pain, and no sense of smell/taste afterward I am numerous health issues including sinus issues, several autoimmune diseases (which I manage through proper diet, etc), but the more significant affecting me is the trigeminal nerve damage and neurological complications.  I have noticed a dramatic spike in symptoms.  My question is after having the mold removed (closet & basement carpeting) how long does it take to have symptom relief (memory loss, sever congestion, difficultly formulating thoughts)? 

After the basement carpet was removed my husband did complete the Microbalance fogging.  

I did hire a professional who sent the samples to two different labs.  Due to the cost, I had the cedar closet and my office tested.  The cedar closet showed high counts of Chaetomium. Mold was also [found] in our bedroom.  We recently had the bedroom carpeting replaced.   

I greatly appreciate your assistance,”

I responded with the following observations and suggestions:

  • Removing a moldy carpet from a room without proper containment can disturb mold and distribute millions and millions of mold spores, pollutants, and dust particles carrying mycotoxins throughout the home. Inhaled mycotoxins can clearly be the cause of the neurological symptoms.  Inhaled mycotoxins accumulate in sinus tissues that are adjacent and have access to the blood-brain barrier. As a result, neurological symptoms such as brain fog, memory issues, headaches, pain, and motor dysfunction can result. These are often the “scariest” symptoms for patients, leaving them debilitated for a period of time.
  • I suggested that she leave her home for a period of time to see if that makes her feel better. While this is not a medical diagnostic, testing this hypothesis of whether breathing safe air improves symptoms provides more valuable information to your physicians.
  • Rinsing sinuses twice daily with a nasal wash system like NasoPure or NeilMed with added Aggrumax drops can be one of the most impactful solutions to anyone exposed to mold and mycotoxins, and can also be done very inexpensively. This suggestion includes people who have and also do not have sinusitis or sinus issues.  It is like pressure washing your sinuses to remove mold and moldy mucous with an antifungal solution.
  • Being cost conscious, I recommended re-testing every room with Visual Mold Tests ($3 per plate), having the option to send them in for analysis. Tap testing on every visual mold, upholstered furniture, carpet, and any other place where moldy smell or moisture exists.  You should strongly consider not being overly cost conscious when it comes to testing.  Remediation is too expensive to be wasted and further contamination will return if the home is not properly remediated. Read More about Navigating Mold Testing and Remediation.
  • I also suggested hot or cold fogging the entire home starting with the basement or crawlspace moving up floor by floor. You start at the bottom because of a physical phenomenon called the “stacking effect” where mold makes it way upward to contaminate the entire home.

Questions about mold remediation and mold treatment

  • This is a short to mid-term solution that will reduce the fungal air count to minimal amounts making it safer for the near term until the moisture sources are fixed and the home can be remediated properly. It is also a practical solution if you are one of the 37% of people in this country that rent and have limited control of fixing the problem. It takes mold a while to get a foothold; so, repeating this step every week or two can keep the air safe for the time being.
    • Learn more about DIY fogging HERE
    • Cold fogging is also easy and safe using Bio-Max Maintenance Solution or CitriSafe Mold Solution Concentrate.
    • Fogging is also a great way to test the non-medical hypothesis of whether the mold is what is making you sick. If you feel better after the fogging, the result strongly suggests mold may be your issue.
  • CitriSafe Maintenance Candles will also remove the mold spores in the immediate air surrounding where you spend time. These are excellent as added protection or as a temporary solution until you can fog or have a professional remediate the home if needed. They also last up to 30 hours.

Questions about mold remediation and mold treatment.

  • Search for and identify an experienced licensed and qualified mold remediator.
  • Search for and identify an experienced Integrative Medicine Physician who treats mold illness. Doing a Google Search for Environmental Illness Physicians who  treats mold in your area. This process will help you identify specific physicians who can and will treat you.
  • Consider taking CitriSafe Ovation Glutathione to aid your body in the detoxification process. Learn more about CitriSafe Ovation Glutathione and the “body’s master antioxidant” properties HERE .

I hope providing this patient Q&A resonates with readers.  There are a myriad of different versions of this same story that can benefit from following some protocol to test, treat, and identify the proper professionals that are dedicated to helping mold sensitive patients get well.  DIY fogging can also provide immediate relief while you are seeking diagnosis and treatment for environmental illness.

If you would like to share your story or have questions like the above message, feel free to comment on the article or email me directly at