Our new Mold Test Kit — more samples, video guide, and a great pen!
Team ImmunoLytics
August 25, 2021
New and Improved Mold Test Kit

The New and Improved Mold Test Kit is now simpler, and easier to use with a step-by-step guide.


New step-by-step video

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a good video is worth 10,000. With that idea in mind, we are thrilled to have created a completely new video guide to using the new and improved ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit. 

We’ve listened to many of your comments and feedback, and have shown the process of mold testing for rooms, cars, pets, surfaces, and visible mold. We’ve heard from many of you who want to know how to perform a better “tap test” on pets and furniture, and we have included that.

The video guide demonstrates swabbing for visible mold, tap testing furniture and sampling in vehicles.

The video also includes instructions on how to perform self-analysis with mold plates to detect the presence of mold. As you watch the video on YouTube, we’ve included chapters so you can quickly jump to the section you are interested in.

Watch the video here:


Updated kit… now with a pen

Your feedback has led us to update the components of the Mold Test Kit. We revamped our Laboratory forms, instructions, and stickers. Now more samples can be sent for lab analysis, and recording samples is easier as you’ll need less stickers. We’re now including our very own ImmunoLytics permanent marker for recording your samples and completing forms. It has both a thick tip and a fine tip and we think you’ll enjoy using it.

Easier to use ordering


Your feedback has helped us make the instructions clearer when choosing what to include in your kit. By popular request, return shipping is now included by default if your kit includes analysis that needs to be returned to the lab. Also, Getting Analysis is easier to find with a button on the main menu.

Better for you… and your loved ones

Our goal is to make the most affordable, easiest to use, and thorough mold testing kit so that you can improve your health. We are honored to know that you refer your friends and family to ImmunoLytics and we hope that with the new and improved mold test kit, they will appreciate your referral.