Commercial Mold Symptoms
JW Biava
October 23, 2019
Mold in Offices and Schools

Commercial Buildings that Cause Mold Symptoms

Air and environmental quality are of special concern in offices and schools, due to the large volume of people co-existing in the buildings on a day to day basis. While mold in the home is of the utmost concern, the potential for sickness and injury in a commercial building that has a mold problem makes it an even higher priority for these locations.

When repairs, renovations, and other internal work in commercial buildings and schools are often done over a span of years by many different individuals, it’s an unfortunate side effect that leaking pipes, roof leaks, water pooling, and other mold growth-encouraging catalysts have a chance to flourish undisturbed. In fact, until the symptoms of mold are visible or otherwise very apparent, it may not even occur to maintenance to test for mold !

Commercial buildings seldom have every corner in use every day, which increases the chance for mold development to go unnoticed until detrimental health symptoms start appearing in the occupants of the building. Naturally, it’s better to “nip it in the bud” with a mold detector  and catch mold before it becomes a problem – which is where mold test kits come in. When a mold detector is used, it can determine if mold is present, and if so, what kind of mold it is. This helps maintenance workers narrow down solutions as to the best way to eliminate the issue once and for all. In schools and commercial buildings, mycology lab results like those given by ImmunoLytics are also an excellent tool to present to budgeting committees, offering easy proof to secure mold elimination funding.

Cleaning up mold when it’s still in the early stages of growth is a relatively easy feat, and one that generally won’t disrupt the processes of an office building or school. Ignored, however, a mold problem that could have been diagnosed with one of ImmunoLytics’ inexpensive mold test kits can become a financial and scheduling nightmare. Don’t let mold wait until a building is closed by health inspectors for rehabilitation – find and define the mold problem, getting rid of it with the complimentary advice and referrals of our in-house environmental expert.