The Mold Check-Up: Simpler, Easier, More Thorough.
Team ImmunoLytics
March 30, 2022
Mold Check Up For Your Home

Say hello to the better way to find mold issues — the Mold Check-Up.™ 

For years we have strived to make mold testing thorough, accessible, and affordable with our laboratory-created ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit. As we have helped thousands get answers for their health, we have always listened and acted on feedback — as we continually desire to make the testing easier to perform, and the results simpler to understand. In our efforts to improve, we are introducing the ImmunoLytics Mold Check-Up™.

The Mold Check-Up is not a change in prices or products, but a new 3 step process to ensure mold testing is simpler and yet more thorough at the same time.

Simple to do and easy-to-understand answers for your health.

Finding mold is more than just testing and the Mold Check-Up clearly shows this to be true by laying out 3 clear steps.

  1. First, receive a customized Mold Test Kit and sample your home, office, or vehicle.
  2. Second, send your samples to ImmunoLytics for analysis.
  3. Third, speak with an Environmental Expert who will review the findings and talk about what to do next.

The 3 steps in the ImmunoLytics Mold Check-Up now make the testing process easier to follow and more thorough — ensuring you get the most out of the expertise of the ImmunoLytics Laboratory.

The three steps of the Mold Check-Up are easy to understand and easy to follow.

Support from Environmental Experts is an essential part of testing.

Testing for mold yourself is great for saving time and money, but without help from experts, your results can be confusing, misleading, or even meaningless. That is why an essential component of the Mold Check-Up is support from the Environmental Experts at the ImmunoLytics Laboratory. The Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP) are experts in finding possible sources of mold contamination and helping you develop a plan for what do to next.

The ImmunoLytics Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP) have expertise in a great number of disciplines. Find out more about each on the Environmental Experts Page. 

After you send your samples to the Lab, the Mold Check-Up includes a consultation with one of our experts. They will go over the lab report from your samples and address your concerns and questions. You’ll also develop an action plan on what to do next. We have even created a new worksheet so you are well prepared and can record your next steps.

Step 3 in the Mold Check Up — before and during your meeting with an ImmunoLytics Environmental Expert, use the new Consultation Worksheet which you can find here.  


Getting the extras is easy.

We have created a single place for getting additional plates, swabs, or lab analysis when you need follow-up testing or just need some extras.

The new simple to use and navigate ImmunoLytics store page to order extra supplies and analysis. 

Easy to use. Easy to share.

Our hearts are encouraged to know that so many of our customers are recommending ImmunoLytics mold testing to their friends and family. This is why we created the Mold Check-Up, as we believe it to be the easiest to understand and most thorough do-it-yourself mold testing you can buy.