Household Mold Symptoms
Chris Chappell
October 10, 2019
Check for Mold

Household Mold Symptoms

Mold can grow almost anywhere the conditions are favorable – namely, humid and warm – but can be hard to find or precisely locate. When you think you should check for mold, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

1 – What do I see?

Mold will appear as black, brown, or green spots or splotches, or white threadlike growths most often. Look for these around dark corners, basement walls or ceilings, and almost anywhere in the bathroom. Areas that are more humid or prone to leaks and water damage should be the first places you should check for mold. If you see any of these growths, use mold test kits to identify the problem so that you can quickly solve it.

2 – What do I smell?

Mold will often emit a ‘musty’ odor as it grows – if areas in your home that are well-traveled smell like they’ve been sitting empty for a long time (e.g. – musty or malodor), this may be a hint that you have a mold problem. Using a mold detector can help you determine if mold is causing the odor.

3 – Are there any factors that would cause mold?

If you have had or currently have a leaking pipe, roof leaks, flood damage, or even cleanup after a house fire, these are all good indicators you may have the beginnings of a mold problem. Using a mold detector kit will confirm if you have anything that needs to be addressed.

4 – What are the best options in available mold test kits?

If your mold is visible – black spots, white streaks, and so on – a swab is the best choice, as you can directly collect the spores to test for mold. If you want to test the air that you are breathing in a given room, ImmunoLytics mold test kit can be configured with test plates. If soft surfaces, such as couches and rugs, are suspect, opt for a tap test kit that can tell you if the item should be discarded or not. Other options, such as a pet test is available to ensure the safety of both you and your family.
When you have discovered, assessed, and tested the problem(s) with one of ImmunoLytics mold test kits, we can guide you to specialists to clean the issue so you can enjoy your home once more. All of our testing kits with laboratory analysis come with a free full-color online report, free testing supplies, and professional advice from an in-house expert, who can refer to you a specialist if needed.