Case Study: Mold Sick Veteran
Chris Chappell
May 22, 2024

Helping a Veteran with Mold Sensitivity Prevent Sickness.

Recently, we had a customer who struggles with debilitating health effects from an illness experience long ago and is triggered by mold in their environment. They reached out to us with this message:


Aloha, Immunolytics Team for Exciting 2022,

We are adoring clients purchasing your agar plates to give to those with health issues.

Moreover, we remain so grateful to Walter and Jeff Bookout for their consultations, when Walter said…… you will not get well until you clean up your environment.

These wise words we share with many along with JW’s Practical STELLAR Wisdom.

Since our agar cultures are no longer hazardous when we retest, we wish there was a service to help visually identify….there’s nothing on the internet.

There was one very unusual object last week that we had never seen before at 7 days….. and wondered if, for a fee, you could charge us to visually guess-timate it? The edges are hi like a pie crust, and the back white star is elegant…. more fitting for a French pastry. Could it be some type of stachybotrys, cladosporium or aspergillus?

We are Beyond grateful for your support to help us navigate through pain level 8 every other day, which we suspect is fungal cyclical related, given your stellar agar plates and my IgM active Candida.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Audrey and Rudy Decker-Boznak, 2 tour Vietnam veteran and both disabled recovering from severe pathogenic invasions with your help!

Aloha, Lily and illustrious lab team,

For a fee, are you able to identify the two pathogens shown, in the front and back plate photos?

Rudy almost died 2 weeks ago with a cup of lung blood, six times he has ever had, since having agent orange in Vietnam.  We were able to ameliorate it with lower lectin and lower oxalate food.

If he had taken meds, he may not be here today. But thanks to your labs consulting and agar plates, the last 4 years, we have been able to pinpoint pathogens that we can focus on.

Last month, we collected a small white sample that was at the end of our master bedroom dehumidifier drain and placed it in this petri dish. Yesterday we learned from Diagnostic lab, with a slow growing culture, that one of the culprits is mycobacterium abscesses. In the past Rudy has also had mycobacterium chalone.

We wonder if either of those mycobacterium can be identified in your agar plates? And if not a mycobacterium,  your identification of what it may be, would really contribute to our defense approaches.  If you cannot identify it visually, might we send it in for the standard fee even though it is a month old?

Your entire team is absolutely invaluable not only to Rudy but also for me with horrific internal burning, every other day. And when we say team, we also mean all JW’s heritage🙏 including our first consultant, Walter, who’s direct and wise words still Vibrate within us so beautifully.

Mahalo nui loa,🌺

rudyandaudrey Decker-Boznak



1. Re-test for Prevention

If you suffer with mold sensitivity or are concerned with reoccurring mold growth, re-testing is key. Re-testing is affordable and can catch mold issues before they are a costly problem or cause significant health effects.

2. Identifying the Problem Requires a Laboratory Report

Finding the mold isn’t enough. It’s essential for you and your health provider to know which mold species is in your environment. The urgency of the issue and the steps you should take change drastically depending on the mold you find.

3. There Are Simple Steps You Can Take to Stay Safe

Through the Mold Check-Up, we were able to pinpoint the exact mold species that is harming his health and give them suggestions and methods to deal with it. Nothing brings us more satisfaction than knowing that someone received the help they needed because of the Mold Check-Up. It’s the reason we do this. We aim to be a resource for finding and dealing with mold through simple and affordable steps.