My Pet Might Have Mold?
Team ImmunoLytics
April 21, 2021
Can Pets Be Moldy

You’re Saying My Pet Might Have Mold?

Can pets be moldy? That is a question we often get asked by clients. Well, the answer is simple, mold can affect pets in similar ways to how humans are affected. When testing for mold, yeast, and bacteria it’s critical that all potential sources be evaluated. This not only includes your home’s structure and belongings inside, but the people and pets that are in your home. 

Indoor pets are likely to contribute to contaminators such as mold, bacteria, and yeast because of their fur. Their fur can be a reservoir for mold spores, similar to carpet. Mold can get into their fur through digging in decaying debris outside, or by laying on dust inside of a mold-contaminated environment. Once the pet has mold, it can easily be transmitted throughout your home when they play, wag their tails, or when you pet them.

Find Out if Your Pet Has Mold.

To find out if your pet is contaminated by mold we recommend using a Tap Test. Use the same method to test the pet’s bed, favorite couch, chew toy, etc.

Tap test when testing a particular piece of furniture, rug, car seat, carpeting, pillow, sofa, pet, or any textile.

Wash & dry your hands thoroughly prior to testing.

Hold the plate so the yellow agar is facing towards the object or pet. Tap the object 4 times (The yellow agar should not touch the object). This will force the mold spores into the air and onto the plate.

Treat and Clean Your Pet

If your pet has been exposed to mold, we recommend treating them with CitriSafe’s Remedy Pet Shampoo.

You can treat their bed, chew toys, cat tree, or cat furniture, with CitriSafe Remedy Mold Treatment Spray, Remedy Wipes or Remedy Concentrate.

After incorporating these into your pet’s routine for a couple of weeks, retest your pet.

Enjoying Your Pet Again

We love our pets. Just because we find them to be a source of mold, doesn’t mean they have to stop being a part of the family. Many people have succesfully gotten mold under control with the pets following these steps and they can once again bring joy to our homes. As always, feel free to contact us at ImmunoLytics for help with your particular situation.