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Mold Q&A Session (VIDEO) + Giveaway Winner


Welcome back to the ImmunoLytics blog!  We so enjoyed putting together our first blog post and running an inaugural giveaway.  Congratulations to Gina L. of Rio Rancho, NM on winning a Deluxe Mold Test Kit worth $158!  Since the giveaway, we've been working hard to grow our online presence to deliver timely, useful, targeted content for our clients (and newcomers!) to use as they deal with mold (and other indoor air pollutants) in their environment.  The video we're sharing today is an excellent step on that path with tons of useful, practical information from our president, JW Biava, as he sits down with our friend and former client, Stacey Paxson, to do a Q&A session with her about mold and other indoor air pollutants.  First of all, we want to thank Stacey for stopping by our offices to talk with JW and put together this video.  Stacey, a master herbalist, business woman, wife, and mother, used our mold analysis service and consulted extensively with JW while dealing with a devastating mold problem for her family.  From that experience, she developed a passion for helping and educating others dealing with a similar situation.  During their discussion, she asks JW about a number of key topics related to mold, including:

  • why we need to deal with it
  • when to deal with it
  • how to deal with it
  • how it impacts human health
  • and more!  

This video is well worth the 20 minute investment of your time, especially if you are currently dealing with mold or other air quality issues in your home, office, or school.