Be Confident Mold is Not Back
Team ImmunoLytics
March 26, 2024

Get peace of mind that your mold remediation efforts are sustained, and your mold counts are in a healthy range to avoid mold symptoms. 

Pleasantly Affordable

For just $3 per plate, detect if mold is a problem in a room, pet or piece of furniture.   

Satisfyingly Fast

Sample rooms in only an hour. Samlpe pets and furniture even faster. Then let your test plates sit for 5-7 days then you are ready for Self Analysis.

Easy with Guided Self-Analysis

After 5-7 days, use our Self-Analysis Guide. If your find plate needs it, send it to our lab for professional analysis and a detailed report for $36 per sample. 

Stuck? We're Here for You

Our deep understanding of mold and symptoms can help you create a plan for dealing with the mold and restoring your health.

Be sure mold is under control. Easily and affordably.