Analyze Your Samples

Self-Analyze or Send Samples to Our Lab for Expert Analysis

Option 1: Self-Analyze

Seal and Store

Ensure all of your samples are sealed, labeled and placed in foil bags.

Store in dark place

Place foil bags in a warm (68 – 85ºF), dark place such as a kitchen cabinet or desk drawer.

Wait 5-7 days

After 5 or 7 days pull the samples out for analysis. If there is no mold growth, place the samples back in the foil packet and reanalyze after 7 or 8 days.


Check for Mold

Hold a mold plate up to a light and count the number of colonies (circles) growing on the agar. Compare to our health scale. Size of the circles is not important.

Colony Count and Health Effects*

0 to 4 total fungal colonies per area (room)

Is within a normal range for sinus health

5 to 8 total fungal colonies per area (room)

Is cause for concern-illness is probable in individuals who are susceptible

9 or greater total fungal colonies per area (room)

Is hazardous-illness likely in individuals who are susceptible

Did You Find Mold?

If you would like to know what mold is present on your sample, please mail to ImmunoLytics with a payment of $36/plate.

* – Dr. Donald P. Dennis, Chronic Sinusitis: Defective T-Cells Responding to Superantigens, Treated by Reduction of Fungi in the Nose and Air in July 2003 [Vol. 58 (No. 7)], Archives of Environmental Health

Option 2: Send to Lab


  Sending to Lab in Winter:

To ensure samples are not affected by freezing temperatures, place samples in included foil envelopes and store at room temperature (above 65°F) for 2 to 3 days before shipping. 

Do You Need to Buy Analysis?

If you have samples that didn’t include analysis, you can pay for analysis now.

Lab must receive sample within 10 days of sampling.

Ensure your shipping method will deliver your samples in time.

Place Samples in the Protective Bag and then in the box.

Only include the samples you would like analyzed.

Fill out the Lab Processing form and place in the box.

Follow the instructions on the Lab Processing Form

Fill with packing material and send the kit to the lab.

ImmunoLytics • 5930 Midway Park Blvd. NE • Albuquerque, NM 87109