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ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit: The most affordable, and thorough Mold and Yeast testing available.

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Get peace of mind with an ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit when you..

Determine if your environment is making you sick.

Prevent future illness due to mold.

Begin the process of restoring health.

Toxic mold is an environmental health menace

Toxic mold can often go undetected until it begins to do real damage. When you suspect there may be mold contamination in your home or place of business, guessing and ignoring the problem will only end in disaster, of both the health and structural integrity variety. Instead of worrying, turn to ImmunoLytics, an authoritative mycology lab relied upon by environmental specialists, doctors and pharmacists to analyze mold samples. These results help properly evaluate potential dangers, arming homes, businesses and schools with definitive answers on mold contamination, which helps protect health and living environments.

Mold Detection Kit

At ImmunoLytics, we take your easy-to-use mold detector kit and use state-of-the-art analysis methods and equipment for mold identification, enabling you to combat any potential concerns head-on.

Mold Removal Solutions

We are continually studying different methods of collection and solutions to mold problems across the country to ensure we are up to date on the newest successful tactics to pass on to our customers.

We Take Care of Our Clients

Our clients also enjoy the benefit of our teamwork with several other companies to develop all-natural and safe solutions for environments and buildings impacted by dangerous indoor mold.

Don't Let Mold Take Control

Mold is widespread and found almost everywhere, but when it starts growing in your home, you have a health concern on your hands.

Mold is Everywhere

Mold is attracted in particular to unseen places, such as behind walls or beneath floors, where they can flourish undisturbed until they become a big problem.

Mold detection using a mold detector can help a homeowner determine what he or she is dealing with, and if it is in fact mold causing the suspected problems at hand.

Mold Test Kits are a quick and easy way totest for mold - no expertise is necessary - and all the testing is donequickly in our lab: all you'll have to do is review your full color online report and discuss your concerns during your free expert consultation.

ImmunoLytics is here to help!

With ImmunoLytics, you aren't alone in your fight against mold! Let our professional mold removal solutions methods help to rid your home of mold for good!
Problems with Test Results

During your free phone conference with our environmental expert, he or she can direct you to resources or recommend professionals to help you solve your mold problem, such as environmental inspectors to find the problem's source and remediationcontractors to help clear it away.

Start ensuring your home is safe

Become mold free today with one of our mold test kits - it includes a super fast seven day turnaround for results and includes free sampling supplies with every test ordered.


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