Is Mold Affecting Your Health?

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DIY Mold Test

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We make mold testing quick and easy. The Mold Check-Up begins with a DIY Mold Test Kit that is customized for your space and designed to sample rooms, surfaces, and even your pets. Video guides and step-by-step instructions will walk you through the sampling process, understanding the results, and sending samples to our Lab for expert analysis.

Expert analysis

Identify 37,000+
Species of Mold…

Comprehensive Lab Analysis

Knowing that you have found mold is only the beginning. After samples are sent to our Lab they will be carefully analyzed to identify which of the 37,000 species of mold is found (reported by genus), and how much mold is present. These results are compiled into a report that outlines the mold found, what you need to be concerned with, and what possible health effects they may have.

Treatment consultation

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Environmental Professionals

Expert Answers and Advice

A consultation with a mold expert pulls all the pieces together in your Mold Check-Up. A phone call with one of our IEPs (Indoor Environmental Professionals) will answer your questions and help you better understand the laboratory results. They will help you grasp the relationship between what mold was detected and where it was found to identify the likely source of mold. Finally, your conversation includes advice on the services, products, and steps to take next to get mold under control and your health on the right track.

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Is Mold Affecting Your Health?

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